Artificial Intelligence Ready To Power IT Businesses

Artificial Intelligence. It is not just a buzzword but is moving towards reality now. A reality that is making its way into our homes, our daily transportation and even at workplace.


The coming of automation has called for a stronger understanding of the technology and transformation from the basics to a more digitized way of working. In fact, in an interview with The Business Standard, Infosys Chief Vishal Sikka said: “The mountains ahead are tall ones. There is no other way but to get there and go… if we don’t, we will be made obsolete by the tidal wave of automation and technology-fuelled transformation that is almost upon us.”

Taking cue from the head of one of the largest information technology companies across the world, the time to turn to AI is now.

But, how does one equip oneself and be ready to imbibe the new world of digitization? How does one ensure automation is applied at workplace but with innovation? To achieve this the first thing every business will have to do is digitize data. To make AI work in perfection it would need the right data that fits well and brings out the expected results.

To take this first step towards digitization, every business would need people who could read data and not just the data that is on papers but read data through a machine. This machine that has infinite data will need the right algorithms to read, understand and help in creating strategies for businesses. This process is called Machine Learning. The reading of this data creates an opportunity for the people in job profile of a Data Scientist.

Looking at the job profile of a Data Scientist as an opportunity next?  Datalore Labs recently introduced its weekend classes on Machine Learning that would make you job-ready in six weeks. These offline classes beginning on January 7 ensure that you learn, practice and become ready to be a Data Scientist.

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