This Is What You Could Learn In A Machine Learning Course

Want to explore the science behind collating, reading and interpreting data? But, thinking how to handle that gazillion of data you have at hand? Here comes Machine Learning to your rescue.

Machine Learning is a science where in the computers are given the ability to learn without explicit programming to store, read and interpret data based on your specific needs. It has evolved from the study of pattern recognition to artificial learning where in the machine works to study algorithms and help the scientist of make predictions. This science has brought about changes in our lives that are drastic and long term including self-driving cars, smart cities, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and even successful brand stories. And all this at a much faster pace than ever before. Interestingly, not just large-scale developments, we are using Machine Learning in our lives on a day-to-day basis, too.

It is also key to one of the fast moving technology, Artificial Intelligence.

So, if you are keen on being trained in machine learning, our 12-day weekend training classes begin on January 7. With this course, we would make you job-ready data scientist. So, join now and you will learn about R Programming, Linear Algebra, Optimization techniques, Statistical Interference, Data Exploration in R and machine learning techniques like Clustering,Classification, Linear Regression,Trees and Ensemble method, Support Vector Machines and Time Series Analysis . Also get hands on experience by completing the capstone project. All this with practical knowledge from industry experts. This course is a perfect mix of theoretical as well as practical knowledge about Machine Learning that can help you upgrade your career to a data scientist.

So, get ready to be introduced to a whole new world that is fast, futuristic and most importantly, promising.

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