What Makes Data Scientist A Hit Job Profile?


Businesses worldwide have flourished and so have the countries. But, what is it that has been key to the growth? It’s a business strategy, a strategy that is formed on the basis of data collected overtime showcasing what has worked, what hasn’t and what will in the future. Data has always been the key to any planning, development and even completion of a project.


All consumer brands, including FMCG, auto, hospitality or even, tourism, in today’s time want to reach to the right audience at the right time. And, all this can be achieved by specific data.

But, with time, the rising population, and frequently changing preferences, the data available is almost infinite and beyond human power to accumulate and then to read. This data needs machines that can store it, read and even, come up with the way forward.

While humans are working towards value creation, the business are now streamlining in such a manner that minimum human effort is made to generate this value. And, to help this vision grow, machine learning is the concept of the hour that is helping organisation bridge the gap of human effort and big data. Machine learning is a concept where a machine is made to understand and read data, thus, helping human to get quality and specific information in minimal time. We do have data, all it needs is machines to give this data a perspective.

So, does this training of a machine to save and read data require a special qualification? Well, yes! Machine Learning is a science in its own and hence, requires Data Scientists to run the show.

With machine learning data scientists can bring forth specific information about people, their needs, preferences and even, insights that could be mind-boggling. Every new insight would pave way for a new way for businesses.

Data scientist, which is seen as one of the hottest job profiles across the globe, has a huge demand across brands and even across government initiatives including smart cities and other infrastructural development.

So, if you want to a future that is set in the research and big data, then data scientist should be your goal.

How do you achieve this?

Join the weekend classes that will be starting on January 7, 2017 in Bengaluru by Datalore Labs. At these classes you would be taught Machine Learning for six weeks (12 days). Each day will have a 10-hour in-class sessions to transform into a pro, then hit the market with an upgraded resume.

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