AI To Outperform Human Efficiency In Next 45 Years

Artificial Intelligence has made its way into the world and is preparing for tomorrow. While the world is talking about ways in which AI will shape our future, the findings of a recent study conducted at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and Yale University in the United States of America unveil exactly the same.

The survey was conducted by over 350 artificial intelligence (AI) researchers.

Here are some of the key findings of the report:

  • In next 45 years, the efficiency of AI is going to outperform humans.
  • In next 120 years, all human jobs will be automated.
  • Machines will surpass the humans in translating languages by 2024, could write high-school essays by 2026, drive a truck by 2027, perform retail tasks by 2031, and even perform a surgery by 2053.
  • But, fret not, there are only five per cent chances that these developments by the AI machines will lead to human extinction.
  • Nearly 10 per cent of the researchers believed that High-level machine intelligence (HLMI) will arrive in next nine years. While the Asian researchers see HLMI be in full-fledged use in next 30 years, the American respondents said the timeline will be 74 years.
  • Nearly 48 per cent researchers suggest research on minimising the risks of AI should be prioritised by society more than the status quo.
  • Sixty-seven percent respondent said that the progress of AI was faster in the second half of their career and only 10 per cent said progress was faster in the first half. The median career length among respondents was six years.

Here are 32 AI Milestones that will be reached in next few decades. Out of these 20 milestones will be achieved in next 15 years.


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