#CES2017: A Showcase Of How Machine Learning Will Shape Our Lives

Internet of Things is what was considered to be the hottest technology at CES 2016 or International Consumer Electronics Show and was anticipated to rule 2017 show, too. But, there was one technology that took away the show and that was Machine Learning. Infact, Machine Learning coupled with Artificial Intelligence stole the show this year.


Interestingly brands, across categories living as well as education, will be driven by the wave of both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Here is a list of products we thought were amazing examples of Machine Learning:

  • Oral B Genius 8000: This Bluetooth-powered toothbrush knows the format of teeth and helps you clean it based on the structure. Also, the product that uses the front-facing camera of your phone tells you which area needs extra care.

PC – OralB

  • Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed: A bed that reads your sleeping patterns, your body structure and your sleeping style and adjusts itself accordingly. A perfect example of machine learning, this bed reads these patterns overtime and ensures a good night’s sleep.

PC –¬†Sleep Number 360

  • Toyota Yui: A car that will run on artificial intelligence. Interestingly, this technology will make this car more human than robotic. Here the car will learn from its errors, will map the best routes for regular destinations, and even alert when you are moving away from a familiar route.

PC- Toyota

  • Google Home: Even Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google talked about this during his recent visit to his Alma Mater IIT-Kharagpur. He informed that Google will heavily invest in Machine Learning and AI and thus, talked about Google Home. This lets you have a conversation on your own and brings back to you information and is strong home automation product.

PC- Google Home

  • GeniCan: Driven by artificial intelligence, this product creates a grocery list based on what you trash. Installed on the garbage can, you could scan the code of the product that you are about to trash and the gadget itself will add that product to your grocery list.

PC- GeniCan

  • Experience Genomics: Being developed in collaboration with Accenture, Carnival Cruise line is planning to read its guests preferences. This technology will help the crew members to offer a personalised experience to the guests and even offer them digital concierge for convenience.

So, here are some examples that show how machine learning and artificial intelligence would simplify our lives and make it more enriching. It also shows how various technology brands are betting big on these technologies.

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