Google Bets Big On Machine Learning & AI, Here’s Your Cue To Learn The Technology

Did we tell you Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the next big thing? Ohh! We did. But, did you know Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai agrees to it, too.

You saw him making a much-talked about visit to his Alma Mater, IIT-Kharagpur, after years he passed out of the institution. Now that he came to the country and to the college he is alumni of, he played cricket, met people, and then addressed the students. During his address the focal point he made was that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be driving the future.

He infact went on to announce that Google is investing heavily and betting big on the two. “I can’t quite tell exactly but advances in AI and machine learning, we are making a big bet on that. Advances in machine learning will bring a difference in many many fields,” Pichai was quoted as saying.

Pichai was speaking at an event called “Back To Campus”. During his chat he said that Google is strongly advancing in  and using deep learning algorithms and thus, will form a core part of the future of the company’s products. The recent example is Google Translate, this product uses deep learning to improve translation and it has proved to be a great development. “We are definitely at a point of inflection and we are investing heavily as a company in this (machine learning and AI),” commented Pichai.

Interestingly, Google also published a paper on how Machine Learning can detect Diabetic retinopathy, a condition which damages the retina due to diabetes. “We can detect it very accurately. This is an early example of the kind of changes that will happen with machine learning,” he added.

These examples show as to where all Machine Learning and AI will make an impact and how businesses will depend on them to achieve new heights and even achieve new consumer understandings.

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