How Artificial Intelligence Accelerate Recruitment ?

When we say Artificial Intelligence, we are not just talking about machines or robots that will make human life easy or do tasks that are purely mechanic. Rather, artificial intelligence has the power to accelerate human task and even be on par with the human efficiency.

The idea of a machine being as good as humans has fascinated us and with it becoming a reality now, the adoption has been quick and worth the while.

Many sectors have taken advantage of AI to ease the work and reach new heights. One such sector has been the human resource and especially, the process of recruitment.

How AI accelerates recruitment?

Recruitment is a process that requires the recruiter to scan multiple curriculum vitae. From a time when the jobs were limited to a time when every small task has a special position for which the recruiter has to look for the right candidate. Job descriptions nowadays are detailed and specific and companies look for candidates that perfectly fit the mold. This calls for an eye for detail for the recruiter. Hence, a mechanism that can help them shortlist the right candidates.

Here’s where AI comes into force. It allows recruiters to pick the right candidates in lesser time. And not just picking, one could schedule response emails, keep the candidates informed about a relevant opening, informing the existing team about the openings at the company.

The right candidate

Think about it like this. In a pool of CVs, each CV seems like it is going down the black hole without even being noticed. For recruiters and potential candidates, it is not finding or being found, it is also about making the candidate feel they are important. This can only be done when the recruiter and the candidate build a professional relationship.


The applications are being developed that are driven by Machine Learning and make recruitment a smooth sail. These applications have come up with algorithms that automate tasks including studying and shortlisting resumes, sending follow up emails, or finding potential candidates for your company’s new vacancies.

Here are some such applications:

  • Beamery: It is a candidate relationship building software that uses machine learning software to track application and also build a relationship with the candidates for future. The application uses social media channels to fill the gaps in candidate information.
  • ThisWay Global: A recruitment platform uses AI to fill the information gap about candidates. It also focuses on gathering skill set information rather than segregating on the basis of information such as gender, race and age.
  • Mya: A recruitment bot or an assistant automates as much as 75 per cent of the recruiting process. With Mya, the chatbot is provided to candidates that allows them to communicate using Facebook Messenger. Hence, the candidate can understand the level of his skills for the job even before recruiter contacts them.
  • Jobo: A chatbot for candidates allows them to provide information including your LinkedIn profile address and resume. With this information, it finds the candidate a job perfect for their skill-set and even send you notification. Alternatively, you can query Jobo for jobs in your area of expertise and apply directly through the conversational interface.

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